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Identifying Gemstone Effects

Techniques in cutting and shaping gemstones are vital to add brilliance to the defiance of the stone itself. Experts call it special effects. These effects are responsible for the different shapes, sizes, and shine of a particular gemstone. Like in the movies, some effects can trick you into believing something that isn't there.
Pleasing the optical sense through special skills of cutting the gem can enable the enhancers to hide the undesirable characteristics and let the good ones shine and be more elaborated. The phenomena of a specific gemstone, as what gemologist call it, can be addressed through these effects.
Here are the popular gemstone effects that are often used for better stone definition.


This type of effect that is commonly used by cutters allows separation of true light from the original color. Because of dispersion, fire enables light to scatter like a prism and is refracted. Zircon and diamond are among those that show elaborated fire abilities. Fire is usually defined as the color of highlights.


Effects pertaining to fluorescence are defined, as the events when directed UV rays or colors that aren't visible on first sight becomes visible. A special effect like this is desirable to transform the dull color of a stone to a different glow. This will account to the extravagant price a stone may have. Majority of diamonds have this fluorescence that makes other pale stones seemingly white.

Color change

Some gemstones have certain color changes especially when put in different aspects of light especially when faced with sunlight. This is due to a gemstone's ability to absorb wavelengths strongly.


There are two special effects that are considered under the umbrella of iridescence: Labrador scene that means flashes of blue and gold upon light movement and Schiller that means playing of colors. Iridescence means all effects of a specific gem that shines in rainbow colors. This happens when interference of strands of light arises from layers of the material.


As mentioned above, Schiller is the moment when color playfully flickers along the surface of a gemstone when interacted with light. The most popular gem that is known for this trait is the Opal. No tricks within the stone itself. The cue is that the interference of light is based on the structure of the object.


If minerals are cut in domes of high quality, asterism occurs. This will follow if and only the inclusions of fibrous densities align in more than two different directions. The most popular gemstone known for this effect is the star sapphire.

Cat's Eye

Derived from the French term "chatoyance" Cat's eye is caused by impurities within the gemstone arranged like fibers and line up forming axes. Quartz is famous for its cat's eye property when struck by light. Traces of fiber within the mineral give this effect a special twist.


If inclusion flaws in gemstones create such sparkles that would enhance its appearance, it is called as aventure scene. Plain quartz, for example, can be alive and have an appealing glittering effect if numerous petite flakes of hematite protrude.


This has become quite popular with the masses because this effect converts dramatic flashes of gold and blue upon movement of light. If the interference of light in the layers of crystals arises, this happens. Colors are considered strong and limited with regards to its direction and orientation.

All About Green Gemstones

People value durability and beauty very much and because of this, they love gemstones. What are gemstones anyway? These are minerals highly prized by many individuals because of their beauty, toughness/hardness, rarity, and the cut of such precious minerals. Green gemstones are also quite popular and if you do like this stone, you should get emerald.

Minerals come in different color varieties and if you prefer the green varieties, you have to purchase emerald. Ancient people who had eye diseases believed that with the help of emerald stones, their eye conditions will be cured or healed.

Beryl is the mineral where emerald is derived. The properties and composition of emerald is just like that of other beryl types. A very important composition of beryl is chromium and this is responsible for the gemstone's green color.

 If you try to examine emerald stones, you will notice that it has feather like materials. Some people call it Silk and this is responsible for the stone's mossy appearance.

Some individuals prefer to purchase the flawless emerald specimens because of the size and beautiful color. However, these specimens are very rare and the price is even higher than diamonds of the same weight.
Ancient people of Egypt loved emeralds. In fact, the emerald gemstones were chiefly mined there. However, a large deposit of emerald has been found in Siberia. At present, most of the emerald gemstones can be found in Columbia and it is primarily mined there. In the US, particularly in North Carolina (Mitchell and Alexander counties), emeralds are also being mined. You can also find significant deposits of emerald in Afghanistan and some emerald mines in Brazil, Zambia, Australia, Pakistan, India, and South Africa.

Not all emeralds sold in the market are genuine stones. Other gemstones are also referred as emeralds although they are not exactly emerald. For instance, tourmaline's green variety is called Brazilian emerald. Spodumene also has a green variety and it is called hiddenite or Lethia emerald. Corundum's green variety is called oriental emerald and andradite's green variety is Uralian emerald.

Nowadays, a lot of people desire for the bluish green emerald. If you were born in May, then your birthstone is emerald. The 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries are also symbolized by emerald.

By weight, emerald is the most precious and valuable of all gemstones. For many years, emerald is quite 
popularly known as a gemstone. If you want to find an ideal emerald stone, choose a highly transparent stone with an even color. If you find certain flaws like fissures and cracks, you can treat it with cedar oil. The oil will show the stone's vibrant color and conceal the flaws. Because of today's advanced technology, the flaws of most emerald gemstones are hidden with the use of epoxy resin.
Perhaps you know Cleopatra right? Did you know that she had vast collections of emerald? That is a fact since the Egyptians were the very first ones to mine emerald. If you have an emerald gemstone, your life will surely be filled with love. Couples who give each other an emerald jewelry will have everlasting love.

There are other beliefs associated with emerald gemstones. It can help pregnant women deliver normally; it can help you concentrate more; increase wealth or social stature; and increase career opportunities.

Now you know many things about the green gemstones.

Semi Precious Gemstones: Facts and Information on Amber

Amber is a fossilized resin that came from the sap of a particular tree that is now extinct and was suspended inside it. Sometimes, small insects or pieces from the earth's surface are fossilized inside it. Insect fossils trapped inside are usually ants, flies, wasps, etc. It is very exotic to find large insects like butterflies, moths, mantises, etc. More interesting enough is when you find tarantulas, millipedes, frogs, and even lizards. 

Amber history

Amber is one of the oldest and the first specimen ever made as jewelry. Some archeologists 
found evidences that aged for about 40,000 years. With its fine golden brown color, Amber's were never considered as minerals but as organic compounds because they lack certain structures like crystalline which is an important factor to be identified as a mineral.

One of the oldest amber specimens are found around regions of the Baltic Sea.

Evidence has it that amber was once used to beautify the surroundings as decorations during the Stone age. Ancient people consider amber as a sort of talisman that brings protection to its wearer.

Amber Formation

For an amber to be formed, it must endure long years of processing. First, resins must harden. As they do, it becomes copal. And for copal to become amber, it must be fossilized within extreme pressures that require periods of time.

If an entity is trapped as the process is being done, its features will remain the same unless some pressure excavates it from within. Some of the most extinct creatures that were found trapped inside an amber is recognized by many scientists as remnants of the Jurassic age. Thus, the movie Jurassic Park was based on this theory.

Amber Color

True, amber is a living golden jewel for its color ranges from orange to yellow. But it also has colors that vary from red, green, greenish black, and blue. Those would be very seldom. Certain inclusions like insects and air bubbles give further life to this gem.

Amber Characteristics

An amber is great if made as large jewelries for its lightness and bright color. Their transparency ranges from transparent to certain translucence. If put under ultraviolet rays, amber becomes fluorescent. Its habit includes embedded nodules and the fracture would have to be conchoidal.

Amber Treatment and Care

Since amber is a soft compound, it can be scratched easily. You have to store this gem separately from the harder jewelries. To imitate amber, you have to use glass, natural resins, plastic and synthetic resins. To remove its cloudiness, it is heated. 

Amber as a Source of Healing

It is said that amber has healing effects on the human body. It enables positive energy to rotate within the body which gives power to the depreciated body. Other positive contributions of amber are to do away with an eccentric behavior, it activates the nature of being altruistic, and it can strengthen tissues pertaining to the ear and brain.

Amber is the stone that is paired with Mercury as its planet. Its behavioral effects is said to stimulate mental preparedness because it eliminates aggressiveness and brings about happiness and eases burdens in life.

Those who believe in the power of this stone say that it has effects on beauty and is an enhancer of success. It is also believed that amber has equal power to equate the sun which can contribute to further healing, joy, abundance in life and vitality. 


Tips When Purchasing Gemstone Rings

Rings are perfect gifts for your special someone, especially for the ladies. They adore gemstones so much that you could feel their heart jump and their eyes sparkle when faced with a high carat jewelry.

A ring can be bought for many special occasions and numerous purposes. It could either be a gift for your mom or wife on her birthday, anniversaries, mother's day and a lot more. Or it could be a bridge to a brighter future between lovers. As the saying goes, "say it with a ring," it applies when someone proposes. Rings are also popular in nuptial ceremonies.

Until now, diamonds are the best choice for rings. For their many different characteristics, they indeed are forever. But that would be conventional. In this modern world, diamonds are not only used as a sign of undying love and loyalty. There are quite more.

But how can you choose the best kind of ring for your special someone?

There are several factors that you must first consider before buying a ring. Here are some:


Depending on the kind of ring that you're planning to buy, you must consider how much it would cost. Does it fit the money at hand or are you short? You can risk your entire trust fund just by purchasing a single shiny ring. It just wouldn't define the meaning of your purpose. There are rings that can be quite expensive just determining on its simplicity and elegance.


Knowing the kind of person to which you'll purchase the ring for, you must know what color she likes or hates. This would add up to the thrill of the whole event because she would think that you know her that much to know her favorite color.

Kind of stone

If you have decided which color to buy, now you have to think of what kind of gemstone that person would appreciate most. After considering the color and how much you can afford, look for a stone that she would be able to wear every day. A stone that would further enhance the beauty of her eyes, her lips, and her smile. Your gemstone must be vibrant with a saturated look. And the most important characteristic is that they should possess translucence and not opaqueness. The cut of the gemstone must also be considered.


Now if you still can't choose which kind of gemstone to buy, you could base your choice on the kind of occasion that fits it. If it's an engagement, buy an engagement ring. You could choose from diamond, ruby to sapphire with trinkets of diamond. If it's a wedding, buy a wedding ring. You can also base your choice by thinking when her birthday is. There is a particular gemstone for every birthday. You can browse through the net or ask someone in the jewelry department of your store the different kinds of birthstones.


A person's personality is seen by those who heartily know them. If you just met the person of your dreams, you could have at least an idea on what her personality is. Base your choice on that. If she's passionate and loving, fiery ruby works perfectly. Sapphire can be given if she gives you peace of mind or something like that. Gemstones do have personalities too. So choose well.

Gemstone Facts

What people don't know about gemstones is that they are just a bunch of colorful stones and rocks polished and precisely cut to be made into jewelries. Attractive as they seem, these stones are usually minerals dug out of the planet, others are tossed out. These gemstones posses certain characteristics that made them valuable to those who adore them. 

These crafted rocks go a long way. They have soft textures but majority are mostly hard. Lustrous ones are used for jewelry making. Some would address to these stones as semi-precious or precious. These stones are also used for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.

 Mineral value would most likely depend on the rarity of the stone and how hard it is to find. The more exotic and difficult the area and location where the stone was found, the more expensive it is to purchase. Pebbles are also addressed as gemstones in some way. Some would come out big some just the right size.

Who identifies gemstones?

Gemologists are the ones who identify these stones. They have the authority to describe the minerals using terminologies that is within the scope of gemology. These people are the ones who give out certain gemstone characteristics and identify them according to their composition as chemicals.

How are they characterized and what are their classifications?

Gemstones are characterized through:

・Chemical composition

・Refractive index
・Specific gravity

These stones may exhibit double refraction, luminescence and a particular spectrum that is distinct from other typical stones. Gems may have flaws that are presented as inclusions.

Classifications may vary. They may be introduced as the cubic crystal system, trigonal crystal system and the mono-clinic crystal system. But the general approach for classifying is according to varieties, species and groups.

Gemstone values

The most valuable gemstone of all time is the diamond. Amounting up to millions of dollars, diamonds are priced based its properties which would be its brilliance and defiance. Unlike other gemstones, the diamond has its purpose. This magnificent yet available resource can cut through glass without being broken into tiny pieces.

A gemstone's value is based on its characteristic and rarity. It all depends on how clarity is shown, the cut and phenomena to its optical reasons. Great demand in the market lessens the price of the gemstone unless situations may occur. Example, the diamond would be a need by millions, yet the supply offers only thousands.

With this kind of situation, distributors can increase the price of the material. It is only when the stone is that scarce that people tend to adjust its value. But other than that, there are a wide variety of gemstones these days. Some are surprisingly cheap.

To determine the value of a particular gemstone, water is used. Water is referred to as the combination of different colors and transparencies marked in gemstones. First water would pertain to the finest of all stones. Bye water would be the opposite of the latter.

Some of the most precious stones are the emerald, ruby, opal and sapphire and are precious enough to reach such a surprising amount.

Size also matters when predicting a price of a particular stone.

In this era, gemstones are placed on a pedestal to be known as fashion material. Designers have used such stones to include in their piece of artwork thus making it priceless and elegant in such a manner. 

Finding the Right Gemstones

Finding the Right Gemstones

A lot of people nowadays purchase gemstones for different reasons. It can be for personal and physical adornment, it can be for business reasons, or you simply want to give it as a gift. The sources of gemstones are minerals and they are mined in different parts of the world. If you're trying to find the right gemstones, you have come to the right place.

Thousands of gemstones are being sold both in the online and offline market (local physical stores). They are available in different yet beautiful and attractive colors. Because of this, many people don't hesitate to purchase gemstones regardless of the price.

If you have plenty of diamond and gold jewelries, it's time to make a change. Using gemstones will truly change your physical looks. If you don't want to be bored with your old set of jewelries, you can always find a suitable gemstone that will compliment your looks. You can purchase different gemstones with various cuts and sizes.

Finding the right gemstone may take some time especially if this is your first time to purchase one. You have to look for the exotic and extraordinary gemstones that will suit you. If you can find local jewelers, then you can personally look at their collections of gemstones.

You get to check the actual appearance of the stones. If there are several jewelry stores in your area, you can shop around first and canvas. You can compare the gemstones in terms of price and quality. The good thing about gemstones is that you can wear them in any occasion, whether in formal or casual occasions. It all depends on the cut and beauty of the stone.

If you have a hard time finding the right gemstone locally, you can try shopping online. Beware though that some of the pictures of the gemstones are deceiving and once you receive the package, you will be dismayed by the appearance. When shopping in online jewelry stores, you have to find reputable retailers or sellers.

You can also check on customer testimonials to make sure that the customers are satisfied with the seller's or retailer's gemstone items. You should also look into the shipping arrangements especially if the store is from a foreign country.

As mentioned earlier, there are many gemstones sold all over the world. You have to know a great deal of information about them. You have to know about the history, the structure, luster, and colors. You should also determine where precious and popular gemstones are mined. Aside from that, you have to know about the imitation and synthetic gemstones because not all gemstones sold in the market are genuine.

If you have friends and relatives who love gemstones, you can ask help from them so that youć± e shopping will be a lot easier. Try to find out about the different birth stones so that you can also get a gemstone that corresponds to your birthday. Some say that birth stones can bring good luck, wealth, and health.

Some of the popular gemstones include diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, and many others. You simply have to choose which one to purchase. If you have enough money, you can even buy different kinds of gemstone jewelries and have your own collection.

Finding the right gemstones is so easy nowadays because you have two alternatives shopping locally and through the internet.

Emerald and Diamond Rings

Emerald are traditionally associated with the goddess of love Venus, and is believed to preserve love. And emeralds also remove heartache and worry over love. Emeralds help their keeper relax and have confidence in their relationships, and avoid sabotaging them through self-fulfilling prophecies.

In modern times diamonds are often thought of as a symbol of love because of their power as a gift from man to woman. It's safe to say that this is based on the cost of diamonds and the status they exhibit, rather than on any metaphysical effect of diamonds. Diamonds do, however, amplify the effects of other gemstones and have historically been used together with emeralds and amethysts to increase their power. This is one of the great things about emerald and diamond rings.

Emerald and diamond rings are not only a beautiful display of perfectly matched colors, they are also the true jewelry of love and trust. The diamonds are a symbol of giving and sharing of the household, while the emeralds express confidence in the relationship and in one's partner. They therefore make a good choice for matching couple's rings.

And don't forget that not all diamonds are crazily expensive. Diamonds come in a wide variety of sizes and grades, and cheap diamonds are available. So if you're a young couple on a tight budget, don't let the price of diamonds stop you from buying a pair of emerald and diamond rings.

Properties Of Iolite

Another useful gem stone is Iolite. Iolite was used by Viking explorers to aid them in navigation when they were far from any guiding coastline. Because of Iolite's pleochroism (it appears a different color depending on the angle of the light), they could look through the mineral to determine the sun's exact position and navigate accurately.

What are the other properties of Iolite? Well, it is thought to accept personal responsibility for his/her actions, as well deal with the root causes of addictions and neuroses. It is also thought to be a visionary stone that can bring inspiration and revelation.

There are also healing benefits of Iolite. It is thought to reduce fatty deposits in the body, which can be useful for those with high cholesterol levels. It has also been known to relieve fevers and provide its holder with physical comfort.

Iolite is a beneficial gemstone for both emotional and physical health, and if you happen to be sailing the high seas maybe you'll find it a useful navigation tool!

Blue Sapphire Gem Stone (Nelam)

Sapphire gem stones reveal beauty to their holder, removing negativity that blocks the perception of beautiful wonders. This perception of the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us gives us happy emotions. This positive outlook affects all areas of life, even leading the holder to the right path to achieve his/her ambitions and dreams.

Sapphires are also symbols of sincerity and faithfulness, which was reflected in Prince Charles' choice of a sapphire engagement ring for Princess Diana.

In medieval times, sapphire was often used in decorating churches, as sapphire was thought to aid in spiritual connection with divinity. And since rulers were thought to rule by divine decree, royalty often wore jewels of sapphire.

As for the benefits of sapphire gemstones, it is thought to be helpful in treating disorders of the

If you are suffering from a negative outlook and the world around you seems ugly and full of darkness, sapphire gems may restore you to your natural state of wonder and awe of nature's miracles.

Benefits Apatite Gem Stone

Apatite is a stone used by many psychics because it helps to open the "third eye" and facilitate revelations. Apatite is also thought to make its holder examine his or her own beliefs and reevaluate them. This keeps the holder constantly moving towards truth.

It is a stone that reduces appetite and is commonly used by those trying to diet. It is also beneficial for those suffering from lethargy, as it increases motivation and energy.
It is also useful for mental and emotional healing as it encourages the holder to be open and socially relaxed with others. The burden of negativity and stress relieved by this one simple change also heals a host of physical problems caused by that stress.

Apatite is also thought to make its holder examine his or her own beliefs and reevaluate them. This keeps the holder constantly moving towards truth. 

Ruby Gem-Stone

 Ruby gem stones have various properties and benefits.Rubies are useful for treating fevers, circulation problems, and heart conditions. They stimulate blood flow which aids in all of those things, as well as in healing your muscles after muscle tissue damage (so these are useful for people like me who need to recover after working out).

The gem ruby stone is also said to guide its keeper in making wise decisions. It is therefore a traditional stone to be held by political and religious leaders. It is also a symbol of vitality, reflecting our desire for beloved leaders to remain strong and powerful.

The ruby gem stone is also thought to help its keeper undergo personal transformations and self-improvements smoothly and naturally, eliminating subconscious success barriers (beliefs that you are not deserving of the success you desire).
Rubies are symbolic of general friendship and love when given as presents.

Birth Peridot Stone

 The August Birth Stone is peridot, a gem formed from volcanic activity. It is also found inside meteorites, and its overall composition is the same as
the Earth's mantle, showing this mineral as an ever-present and integral part of nature. 

  Peridot is a mineral that is strongly connected with the forces of nature and it's vitalizing energy. Indeed, since the Earth largely consists of peridot (in the form of Olivine), holding peridot can help you connect with the vibrations of the Earth. The holder of peridot can connect with the forces of nature more easily.

Peridot is one of the most beneficial stones for increasing self-confidence. Since it provides the holder with increased connection to nature, your understanding of being a part of the oneness of nature becomes clear, and confidence comes naturally when you deeply understand that you are part of the same oneness as ever great person who has ever lived, and every great thing that exists in this world. 

Because of the yellow-greenish color of this gem stone, it is associated with the healing of the liver. Though to me this seems like an arbitrary association made that's not based in real experience.

Those who wish to increase their awareness and connection with the greater oneness will find the birth peridot stone beneficial.