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Do Gemstones really have meaning?

Gemstones and their meaning

A lot of people are skeptical about the healing powers and mystical powers of gem stones and crystals. How can an inanimate object possibly have power? Have can gem stones possibly have meaning? Well, there is no definite proof that gem stones have power and meaning. There is, however, a massive Scorpius of anecdotal evidence that indicates that gems have a powerful positive influence on peoples` lives.

I am none to argue with the countless people throughout history who have been convinced of gem stones` power, but let`s imagine for a minute that gem stones have no physical power. Does that mean that gem stones have no meaning? Not at all! Gem stones have power to focus your thoughts and energy on what is really important to you in life. I once purchased a new tiger eye tumble stone for its power to strengthen conviction and confidence, and promote financial and professional success. Simply possessing that small tumble stone made me focus my mental energy on the self-improvement goals I had set for myself, to build confidence and use that confidence to build financial power. That mental energy translated into action, and I successfully improved my confidence and financial situation. The gem stone you choose, and its meaning, are symbols of and reminders of your commitment to improve your life.

Gemstones have been cherished ever since man first saw them glow in sunlight.

Many people attribute supernatural powers to gemstones. Gemstones have been used to heal physical ailments, bring spiritual power and gain emotional health.

Zuni fetishes are small animal carvings from the Zuni Indians of New Mexico. These carvings are said to have supernatural power including the power to heal. Zuni fetishes are often carved from gemstones such as lapis, turquoise, malachite and are the most valuable when carved from these special stones.

Agate – Courage, symbolizes 3rd Eye, gives a spiritual love of truth, banishes fears and hardens tender gums.

Alexandrite – Inner and outer regeneration, works on the crown chakra, brings general good fortune.

Amazonite – Strengthens the nervous system, used in ancient Egypt

Amber – Grounds and stabilizes, healing agent, acts as a filter, radiates light and heat.

Amethyst – Protection, spiritual attunement, gives visions or opens spiritual and psychic centers, reduces mental tension, induces pleasant healing dreams, prevents over indulgence and encourages transformation and breaking of bad habits.

Apatite – Clears confusion in the mental strata’s

Aquamarine – Gives one direction in life and spiritual visions, lifts ones spirit, calms the nerves, protection at sea. Courage in social group situations, adventures in love and life, gives luck where perception is required.

Azurite – jewel of wisdom, revitalizes damaged tissue, good use in hypnosis, stimulates thought and gives mental control.

Carnelian – Gives feeling of well-being, recycles past-life experiences, speeds up law of karma.

Cat’s Eye – Insight into one’s own faults, treats the eyes

Celestite – Communication with cosmic beings and beings of light.

Chrysoprase – Tranquilizer.

ChrysacoIla – Helps alleviate personal fears and guilt, gives clear-seeing, aids in Cancer therapy.

Citrine – Cheerfulness, control over emotions, clear thought, overcomes mental blocks.

Coral – Good for keeping thoughts in control for visualization and while meditating, helps arthritis.

Diamond – Respiratory problems, attunement to higher forces, best worn with other stones, opens Ajna and Crown Chakra.

Emerald – Meditation, healing, business success, it totally rejects evil; gives power to foretell future events, a link with spiritual forces.

Fluorite – Grounds, holds, directs excess energy for highest efficiency and to be used when needed, centering tool.

Garnet – Aids in remembering dreams, for going backwards in time, attracts profound love, gives persistence, cures depression and works on liver to relieve toxins in the body.

Hematite – Bestows wisdom, idealism and unselfishness on wearer, strengthens stomach and intestines when worn on solar plexus, helps stop bleeding.

Jade – Peace, tranquillity, soothes the eyes and emotions, for going backwards in time, wisdom, universal attunement, gives long-life and a peaceful death.

Jasper – Improves sense of smell strengthens one’s will to do good, balances the emotions.

Jet – To relieve depression, eliminate fearful thoughts, protection, provides direction in relationship with one’s soul and spirit

Kunzite – Balances emotional and mental bodies.

Laboradorite/ Spectrolite – Symbol of opened Third Eye, gives one desire to perfect self balance and aura.

Lapis Lazuli – Stone of friendship, helps one to be more kind and helpful, spiritual attunement, connects us to our resonating star, it is a stone of fidelity.

Malachite – Prosperity, treats the eyes and abnormal blood sugar levels, treats circulatory diseases.

Moonstone – Calming, good for meditation, spiritual guidance and protection while travelling, prophecy, love stimulator, brings happy experiences to those who are sensitive.

Onyx – Stone of separation can be used for purpose of release, to end a bothersome relationship.

Opal – Divination and prophecy, balances chakras, used for centering self, aids in channelling and teaching truths to others, psychic journeys, anchor of hope, stone of cupid.

Padparadsch – Knowledge of human nature, helps one to see through false friends, brings honor, wealth and friendship

Pearl – Associated with the ministry, wisdom through experience, quickens the law of karma, brings engagements and love relationships.

Peridot – Gift from the Sun, helps us open our inner sight to the spiritual Sun, develops inner vision and the ability to look into the future, frees one of jealous thoughts and counteracts negative emotions.

Quartz Crystal – Raises one’s vibration, bridges the material world with other realms, it has the ability to store and transmit energy, excellent for healing on all levels and for meditation.

Rhodochrosite – Rescue remedy stone, holds force fields with the aid of the Devic Kingdom, inspires forgiveness and heals emotions, attracts love into our life.

Ruby – Spiritual wisdom focuses mental concentration on a specific thing, confidence – stone of life and energy.

Rutilated Quartz – Rutile in quartz magnifies the basic energy of the quartz and aids in the healing process.

Rose Quartz – Brings more love into the life, skin rejuvenation, kidneys. Sapphire – Treats mental illness, it attracts good people into the life, calms the nerves, suitable for meditation, gives pure insight and God truth, stone of chastity.

Sardonyx – Bands together those of like natures, links loved ones on an emotional level, ties up loose ends.

Smokey Quartz – Helps one get more in touch with nature, excellent for meditation and healing on the mental and etheric levels, carries an ultra sound frequency which enables one to develop clairaudience and medium ship.

Sodalite – Balances glands and metabolism, good for competitive sports, gives courage and endurance.

Staurolite – Protection, a sweet stone.

Topaz – For contacting astral beings, develops psychic abilities, gives glimpses of the beyond, overcomes fear of death, restores sense of taste, stimulates appetite, calms emotions, relieves tension and restores physical protection from falls and drowning.

Tiger Eye – Purifies the system after over-indulgence, protective stone, treats diseases of the eyes.

Tourmalinated Quartz – A light bringer, breaks up existing habits and conditioning standing in the way of one’s spiritual and physical progress.

Tourmaline – Balances and Protects.

Watermelon Tourmaline – Balances emotions, good for relationships and for those who are counselors, balances the metabolism.

Green Tourmaline – Business success, soothes the nerves, brings the brow and crown chakras into balance.

Pink Tourmaline – Works on the heart chakra, increases the will to love and to sacrifice.

Black Tourmaline – Very protective, good for those who have to deal with negativity.

Turquoise – Reminds us of our spiritual nature, gives protection, stone of friendship.

Zircon – Gives the ability to read images and symbols, a stone for communicating with the angels, gives safe passage wherever one travels and assures a warm reception.

 Color of Stones Meanings

White Stones – Purifies physical, emotional, mental or etheric bodies.

Pink – Love, self-respect and self-worth.

Red – Energy, sex, courage.

Orange – Cheerfulness, frees one from too many responsibilities.

Yellow – Mental awareness, nerves.

Green – Healing, abundance, balance self-control.

Turquoise – Flashes of intuition, encounters from the past.

Sky Blue – Increases spiritual awareness.

Dark Blue, Indigo – Protection, strength, occult work, calms

Violet, Purple – Transformation, elevates the soul.

Gold – Wisdom, self-confidence, strengthens the heart.

Brown – Practicality, stabilizes.

Black – Abstract thought, protective, material world.


Aries – Ruby, Jasper – Red Stones

Taurus – Emerald – Green Stones.

Gemini – Diamond, Herkimer, Quartz – Yellow

Cancer – Moonstone, White Coral – White Stones.

Leo – Peridot, Gold Quartz, Citrine, Gold or Orange Stones.

Virgo – Sapphire, Carnelian, Agate – Dark Blue Stones.

Libra – Opal, Aventurine, Tourmalines – Pink Stones.

Scorpio – Garnet, Beryl, Topaz – Deep Red Stones.

Sagittarius – Topaz, Zircon, Turquoise – Sky Blue Stones.

Aquarius – Lapis Lazuli, Drusy Chrysacolla – Electric Blue.

Pisces – Aquamarine, Amethyst – Purple, Blue-Green Stones.

Birth Stones By Month (Conventional)

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond

May – Emerald

June – Pearl

July – Ruby

August – Peridot

September – Sapphire

October – Opal

November – Topaz

December – Turquoise

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