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Fluorite Healing Properties (flourite)


The fluorite gemstone properties are mostly related to the area of protection and stabilization. Still these protective qualities are more subtle and not so direct as for example when we deal with hematite stones. It is a very useful crystal for grounding and harmonization of all spiritual energies in our microcosm. Fluorite is capable of enhancing intuition by making the link that exists between our human mind and the universal consciousness more transparent. And not only that, fluorite is able to help apply these intuitive insights to all sorts of situations in our physical reality. Thus, in essence, this beautiful gemstone helps in coordination between the physical and metaphysical worlds, accelerating spiritual awakening, and increasing self respect.

The colors of fluorite are very pictorial and pleasant for the eye. The fluorite mineral can combine many shades of various colors, but mostly purple with white, or purple with green, or sometimes, green, yellow or gray.

Fluorite is occasionally also called fluorspar. Its name is derived from the Latin word "fluo" which means to flow. The industrial use of fluorite is to decrease the viscosity of slags in the process of steel production and to help eliminate the impurities from the final product. It is also used for manufacturing some sorts of glasses and polymers.  

Metaphysical properties
Many fluorite crystal specimens are fluorescent under ultraviolet light. As you might have supposed, the very phenomenon of fluorescence has gotten its name according to the name of this mineral. The crystal structure of fluorite is cubic but it cleaves into an octahedral form, meaning that, in essence, we have two pyramidal shapes glued together and merged into one whole octahedron. This is a nice example of sacred geometry contained within this extraordinary mineral. The combination of the metaphysical properties of fluorite with its special shape makes this gemstone an excellent tool for meditation, crystal therapy, and chakra energy balancing. Fluorite gem placed between your eyebrows can help you connect with the higher levels of creative expression and balance your mind.

This stone works on the mental level by amplifying our thought processes. It can be used to increase the ability to focus and concentrate. Fluorite properties are related to the spheres of the mind and spirit.  Fluorite aids mental clarity, increases the life force and balances both hemispheres of the brain. It increases the ability to concentrate, balancing the positive and negative relationships of the mind. It helps one to see both reality and truth behind illusion. It can help get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues. Its accentuated mental influences help in our quick organization and processing of information. It brightens our mental capabilities, our stability and clarity. It absorbs negative energies from our environment, cleanses the aura and the chakras, at the same time protecting us from psychic manipulations.

Fluorite can help you maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made by reducing your emotional involvement in a situation. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Fluorite lets you take a step back and see better. It clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos thus clearing the path for new things.

Fluorite strengthens the users analytical abilities and ability to concentrate. Excellent for advancement of mental powers, greater concentration and meditation. It helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. A terrific stone for college students, and researchers who need to analyse data and reach conclusions.

Innovative and inventive, it is a highly effective “brain” stone, allowing you to use your creativity to build wealth. Fluorite attracts wealth, abundance and promotes self-confidence. An excellent learning aid for students of all ages, it helps you absorb new information and promotes quick thinking. Fluorite is the ideal stone to keep at your work or study desk… Genius stone – Protection stone – Success stone.

Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. This is the best crystal to use to overcome any form of disorganization. It negates disorganization, disruptive behaviour, desperation, depressions, and anger. Fluorite is used to purify and detoxify both the spirit and places. It is often recommended to be placed around computers and the workplace to reduce stress and relieve negative forces.

Fluorite enables one to understand relationships from a more objective point of view. An excellent stone for relationships and friendships, it helps people to work together in harmony. It also provides a balanced and stabilizing energy, helping relationships, groups and individuals to flourish in a way that is beneficial to all.

Healing with fluorite
Healing with fluorite is a rather complex issue since fluorite properties are so diverse. Fluorite protects the blood vessels from fat accumulation and cholesterol depositions. It also counteracts the problems caused by osteoporosis, arthrosis and arthritis. Fluorite helps with asthma, infections and influences. It is believed to be an excellent cure against senility. Fluorite balances the bodily energies and promotes inner harmony and equilibrium. It also removes stress and negative energy and can be used to reorganize and bring order the complete organism. It might also work with skin related issues. All colors of fluorite are able to successfully fight certain beginning phases of cellular disfunction. In combination with a green tourmaline crystal or with a rock crystal quartz stone in form of laser wand, you can use fluorite to heal the affected areas of the body. It is important to simultaneously maintain strong faith in God and strong desire to bring order in the cells where the problem has manifested itself. 

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