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Orange Quartz- Tangerine quartz

Orange - Tangerine quartz


Tangerine Quartz is identified as a quartz point, mass or cluster that is stained with a Hematite (Iron Oxide) film or coating.  This stain is on the outside of the crystal and can be removed when cleaned in an acid bath.  Polishing or tumbling can also remove the color.  Tangerine Quartz can range in hues from pale yellow to deep rust.

Metaphysically, Tangerine Quartz is a remarkable tool to use when working with the issues of Inner self (understanding, acceptance, growth).  It helps to evaluate and face these inner issues without judgment or criticism.  The energy of Tangerine Quartz allows for the forgiveness and release of past issues/traumas that no longer serve and in fact have held us back from going forward.

Tangerine Quartz works well with the Sacral Chakra energies, enhancing creativity and the acceptance of Change.  Tangerine Quartz supports balance in the Sacral Chakra and helps to "Put the Past in the Past".  It is a crystal of strength and tenacity.
 Tangerine Quartz exhibits an energy that allows a greater understanding of the events affecting us in our lives.  Tangerine Quartz can be used to find a place of calm and center after a physical or energetic trauma.  It can help heal from a psychic attack, fostering a sense of compassion and understanding rather than assigning blame.

A wrapped Tangerine Quartz Pendant or point would be a wonderful piece to use when you feel pulled in to a situation that is filled with chaos or drama.  It will give you the strength necessary to step out of this dense energy, as it raises your frequency to a more positive vibration, making your interactions with others more enjoyable and productive.

Had a difficult day? Place a Tangerine Quartz point at each outside corner of your bathtub with the points facing towards the center.  This mini grid will allow for the release of tension and stress built up during the day.  It will also ground and calm the chatter of the mind, allowing the “What if’s” and “I should have’s” to gently melt away.  This same formation can be used in meditation as well.  Simply sit as you would in meditation and place each point facing towards you-one in front, one in back, one on either side.

The energy of Tangerine Quartz is amazingly subtle, smooth and highly effective.

Other details of the stone
Primary Chakra:  Root Chakra

Astrological Sign: Leo, Libra

Numerical Vibration:  Number 7

Hardness:  7 Hardness

Color:  Orange

Issues and Ailments (Physical):  Infertility

Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Compassion, Emotional Trauma

Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):  Soul Retrieval

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