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Narmada River Lingams / Narmada Shiva Lingams / Shiva Lingas

Narmada Shiva Lingas


The Shiva Lingam stone is a sacred stone of both the ancient and modern worlds. They are found in the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of the seven holy sites of India (also called Shiva Lingams). The Narmada River is located in the central western region of India. This is are a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz that is oval in shape and contains earthy hues, usually two-toned. In ancient Sanskrit, Shiva Lingam means a sign or symbol.

Accessible only during the dry seasons, these stones are collected from the river bed by only a few families who have been trained in the way to identify only the most special pieces. The stones are hand polished and sometimes sealed with a mixture of waxes and oils, according to formulas handed down from generation to generation within each family.

Man has collected stones since the beginning of time, and assumed that certain ones were containers of the life force with all its mystery. The Shiva Lingam is such a stone. It has been highly venerated and used extensively throughout history for both worship and ritual.

Uses and purpose
These egg-shaped Shiva Lingams are a good choice for anyone seeking balance and harmony in his/her life, and may also be useful for those engaged in the study of Ayurvedic practices.

Shiva Lingams are said to have a supreme ability to hold vibrational force and power. The density of the Shiva Lingam is close to emerald. The red markings you see on the stones are the meteorite material and are considered spiritually auspicious.

The shape of the Shiva Lingam makes it a powerful energy generator appropriate for healing a unique tool for meditation and cleansing. The natural shaping and polishing process forms a very balanced ritual object that combines both masculine and feminine attributes, providing a unified vibration.

The Shiva Lingam is a stone of insight, allowing the user to recognize and let go of things (feelings, emotions, etc.) that no longer serve or have been outgrown. The lingam represents the center axis of life, connecting earth with universe.

Lingam is symbolic of the Divine Creative Manifestation. The Lingam shape is representative of the power of Shiva, the Lord of Creation, and the masculine creative energy. The markings, also known as the yoni, symbolize the feminine energy, the seed which is fertilized to manifest the creative power in the dance of the cosmos. Geologists theorize that the iron oxide, of which the yoni is composed, was impregnated in the river bed millions of years ago by a meteorite.

Other details about the Stone:
Properties for Stone: Narmada Shiva Lingam.

Primary Chakra: All Chakras

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Numerical Vibration: Number 6

Hardness: 7Hardness

Color: Brown, Cream, Red

Location: India

Issues and Ailments (Physical): Back Pain, Fertility, Fluid Retention, Menopause, Prostate

Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Calm, Composure, Crying, Harmony, Removes Negativity, Stress/Tension, Surrender Ego, Tranquillity

Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Appreciation, Consciousness, Creativity, Dreams, Energy, Healing All Levels, Higher Realms, Higher Self/Consciousness, Humility, Intuition, Karma, Meditation, Serenity, Spiritual, Surrender Ego.

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