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Benefits of Gomti Chakra, Nag Chakra,Sudarshan Chakra

Gomti Chakra - Sudarshan Chakra - Nag Chakra

Gomti Chakra is a rare natural and spiritual product, a form of shell stone.Gomti Chakra is found in gomti River in Dwarka, a part of Gujarat in India.Gomti Chakra is also known as Sudarshan Chakra as it resembles the divine weapon of Lord Krishna - the Sudarshan Chakra. It is believed to bring luck and is used specially in spiritual and tantrik rituals.

One side of the Gomati Chakra is elevated like a shell while the other side is flat with circular design like whirl which looks like a snake. This is the reason why it is also known as "Naag-Chakra" i.e. snake chakra. According to Vedic Astrology, it is beneficial in cases of people who have 'Naag dosh' or 'Sarpa Dosha' in their horoscope.

Many leading politician's popularity is solely attributed to the Gomati Chakra and it has also earned them victory by large margins during elections.

Importance & Benefits of Gomti Chakra
•    Gomti Chakra removes Vastu Dosh: 11 Gomti Chakras are buried in the foundation of the building to bless the residents with long life and prosperity and negate the evil effect of vaastu dosha caused in SE direction.

•    Gomti Chakra appeases Godddess Lakshmi: 7 Gomti Chakras are wrapped in red cloth / yellow cloth and kept in lockers or cash box to ensure the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi - the goddess of Wealth.

•    It is believed that those people who possess Gomti Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity. It is also believed to protect children.

•    In some regions, eleven Gomti Chakras are wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers. This is for food security.

Uses of Gomti Chakra
•    It is used as a Yantra
•    It is used for Mantra
•    As it has special powers, many Jain sadhus & sadhviji, use it as a special Yantra, during Pooja.

Special Care while buying Gomti Chakra
•    It should be yellowish brown on the back and have white whirls on the top. 

•    It must be soft and gentle touch.

•    Its circular edges must be smooth and not broken from many places, but sometimes it comes very natural that form the brownish or yellowish part side you might be found some dots or holes and this are natural and u can’t tell anyone that it is defective…..

Gomti Shila or Cow's Eye Shila
Gomati Shilas are used for placing Shaligrams in some special worship. Gomati Shilas are also used as protective for children. It brings wealth and good health. This is also known as Cow's Eye Shila. Some consider this as Eye of Lord Shiva. These shilas are considered very sacred and beneficial when placed along shaligram as 26 Gomti Chakras are joined together to form a Gomti Shila.

Benefits of Gomti Chakra:
•    Prosperity
•    Happiness
•    Good health & enough wealth
•    Protects from evil effects
•    Help to cure disease
•    Peace of mind
•    More consciousness
•    Better Bhakti
•    All kind of protection
•    Prestigious in society
•    Financial growth
•    Concentration
•    Business growth
•    Protection of children
•    Power of worship

Gomti Chakra u an either put in pendant, make it ring or bracelet or else u can keep one small pic in your purse or wallet.

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The above details about the crystal stones is taken from the different varieties of crystals books such as :
Author Judy Hall  - Crystal Bible 1, 2, 3
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As I love the crystal and so I keep wonderful collection of crystal related books. I always keep reading and surfing on internet also, so I have gather many information and also done practical experience about the crystal energy.

I have enjoyed the benefit of crystal healing, but any information on uses and properties included with this listing (which has been gathered from reputable sources, such as Judy Hall and Michael Gienger's books on crystal healing etc) do not, under any circumstances, constitute a claim on behalf of the Seller. The information given is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment, nor will any guarantees be given for any spiritual or metaphysical qualities.

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